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Tabbouleh - The ultimate buffet dish

Jen G on 30th Sep, 2017

Originally a Levantine Arab dish, it's so tasty, fresh and easy to prepare well in advance. 

Tabbouleh - The ultimate buffet dish

Healthy, cheap, light, Tabbouleh can be paired up with roast or grilled chicken. Try it with barbequed food.  You could also try it with lamb chops, quail, hearty meaty fish fillets or grilled halloumi for veggies; what's not to love about it?

Make it for your next buffet and smile smugly as all your guests love the flavour but you've been resting all afternoon. Often it's seen around deli counters as a bulgur wheat salad with herbs in whereas traditionally the opposite is true. This one is all about parsley that much maligned 70's herb that actually tastes wonderful. Reconnect with it, make new herby friends with it. It grows easily too. My recipe uses a heck of a lot, so go to a greengrocers or market stall or such if you can as those annoying little packets in the supermarket add up.

It's got to be the flat leaf version, no contest. Peppery in its flavour, easier to slice too. Yes I said slice not chop. The other thing you will need for this salad is a startlingly sharp knife and patience. Pop the radio on, stick your tongue out in concentration and have a go. It's worth it.

Oh and before you go, this is my version so it's not truly authentic but that's what the world of recipes is all about, interpretation.

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