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3 easy gluten free Christmas canapés

Jen G on 08th Dec, 2017

Gluten-free bread can taste like cardboard. Not all the time, the standard is getting better - but there still some taste and feel more like coconut matting. It’s left an impression on people. It’s led some to believe gluten-free means taste-free. Not so! Here are three easy completely gluten free canapés that work for a crowd. Serve everyone the same wherever possible is my motto, why make extra work for yourself unnecessarily.

3 easy gluten free Christmas canapés

Chorizo is a great ingredient for canapés as it is so adaptable. It works in many, many guises. The world is your paprika-scented piggy! I like it as a sort of seasoning, a back bone if you will, in soups such as minestrone - just sauté a few cubes in with your root veg at the beginning. It also works well chopped and added in with the mince of a good old chilli con carne or bolognaise too, for a little welcome change from the ordinary. The Bath Pig's chorizo is one of the finest examples around, It has won loads of awards. It's also made in the UK so you can feel all patriotic next time you buy it. I used them in both my manchego & chorizo pesto and my mini baked spuds below.

1.Manchego and chorizo pesto 

One of my favourites. Top toast with it for a nibble, stuff it into chicken breasts or stick to convention and mix it through the pasta of your choice.


2. Mini baked potato, sour cream & chorizo

Get some nice new potatoes, I like Charlotte or Ratte. Drizzle over a little oil and sea salt and bake in the oven for around 25-30 minutes on 160 degrees Celsius and you will have some sweet little flavour balls. The lower temp really brings out the potatoes’ natural sugars. Meanwhile fry some slices of chorizo and cut it into little cute triangles. When the potatoes are done let them cool for a few minutes, then put a small cross in the top of each one. Squeeze to open the cross attractively, top with a little splodge of sour cream and a piece of the chorizo. Garnish with mini herb leaves if you are feeling fancy.


3.Goats cheese and honey mousse with black pepper and thyme on gluten free oat crackers

All you need is some nice goats cheese, a food processor, a splash of double cream, a tablespoon of honey, a sprig or two of thyme stripped of its leaves and some generous grinds of black pepper.

Take the rind off your cheese and blitz it with the honey, black pepper and thyme leaves in the food processor, drizzle in cream as the machine whizzes, enough to make it a soft texture. Like soft peaked whipped cream. Taste and season with salt if necessary, depends how salty your cheese was in the first place. This tastes much better a few hours after it has been made, more time for the flavours to mingle. To serve, pipe it onto crackers using a piping bag and top with slithers of fig. I used The Bay Tree's marinated miniature figs cut in half. A perfect Christmassy match. For mini figs and more, try our gorgeous entertainer kit hampers - the perfect gift, or keep it all for yourself...

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