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3 easy drink ideas to go Swedish this Eurovsion

Nathan N on 13th May, 2016

Hosting friends for Eurovision this weekend? Or maybe you just need something Swedish to take with? 

Either way you're in luck - this year's an easy one so long as you live a stone's throw away from IKEA. Your only challenge now is to get out before you buy 10 knick knacks you had no idea you needed... 

3 easy drink ideas to go Swedish this Eurovsion

Here are 3 quick and easy drinks to get you celebrating all things Swedish:

1. Lingonberry fizz

Get a cordial like Dryck Lindon (Lingonberry syrup) - a cranberry type berry that mixes brilliantly in a champagne cocktail or in sparkling water. 

2. Swedish pops

For something simpler IKEA do pear/apple cider and lager too. 

3. A strong finish 

No Swedish party is complete without Aquavit or Snaps (a flavoured spirit). Go for a classic with caraway, anise and fennel or a more approachable lemon and elderflower. Best pop them in the freezer - they need to be drunk ice cold.

And if the IKEA scrum this Saturday doesn't appeal, pop into the Scandi Shop in London's West End to stock up on your Swedish sips. 


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