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3 Food trends in 2019 that’ll surprise you

Sophie E on 21st Feb, 2019

Phew – at least the penance of January’s over with. Or is it? Here are 3 surprising food trends for 2019 we’ve spotted that paint a picture of more moderation to come…

3 Food trends in 2019 that’ll surprise you

1. Don’t mock the mock meat

Move over Quorn – make way for more facon and tofurkey (careful if you’re saying that one out loud). With 3.5 million people in the UK identifying as vegan and worldwide meat-free campaigns like Meat-free Monday, these food innovations are just the tip of the faux meatberg. Colour, texture and flavour are all up for grabs as faux meat becomes more appealing than ever before – from “bleeding (meat free) burgers” to chickenless tenders. 25% of over 35’s say they have experimented with veganism – could you be flirting with faux meat in the near future?

2. Less restaurants, more food halls

As the high streets reinvent themselves to draw convenience junkies off the net and back onto the streets we can all look forward to more exciting shopping experiences.

Fabulous new food halls are opening across the country - like the shiny new Market Hall in London Victoria. Shopping and food have long co-existed in old fashioned shopping centres but the new wave food halls take it far beyond the familiar big macs and margherita pizzas. Food Halls bring in exciting new cuisines, interesting celebrity chef partnerships and most importantly, a really flexible dining experience: small plates and individual freedom of cuisine - all in a communal lively hall. Look out for more news on Time Out’s newly announced mega Food Hall  - taking over London Waterloo's Eurostar terminal - due to open 2021.

3.  Keep calm and drink less

Apparently we’re all drinking less. A sobering thought. This trend is being driven by the more health-conscious, conscientious younger folk (and evened out by my friends and I). So look out for lots more (and more importantly, better tasting) alcohol free beers, wines and spirits like Nosecco sparkling wine (ironically listed on Ocado as an age restricted product - £2.99 and Ceder alcohol-free gin (also available at Ocado)

If all this austerity is bringing you down, worry not. You and your friends can still indulge in gorgeous goodies from The Dinner Set – look out for our exciting Spring Club boxes - coming soon...

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