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3 Valentines Cheats (recipes that is)

Sophie E on 12th Feb, 2019

Watch out! Valentines Day is hurtling towards us again (in case you missed all the shameless advertising EVERYWHERE). Like an enormous meteorite, we simply can’t avoid it. Brace yourself for a head-on impact...

Our recco ? Save yourself that uncomfortably quiet restaurant and that triple-priced menu and serve up these super-quick sharing plates at home with a bottle of bubbles:

3 Valentines Cheats (recipes that is)

5 Minute Duck & Mango Salad

Stack ready-smoked duck (Waitrose/ Ocado), and mango slices on some salad leaves. Garnish with a few chopped nuts and shredded spring onion. Drizzle with a citrus or raspberry vinaigrette. Grind some posh pepper on to for good measure.

Baked Camembert 

Sharing dishes are perfect for a romantic night in. Drizzle your camembert with olive oil, a hint of garlic (not too much, this is Valentine’s after all) and a pinch of rosemary or thyme. Bake in its wooden box for 20 mins. Serve with veg crudites and ciabatta sticks. To go gourmet, stud with chopped black garlic before baking.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Very romantic, right? Nobody needs to know that you made it while watching the last bit of Eastenders... 
Gently microwave 100g good chocolate in a small mug and dip your strawberries in. Lay them on greasproof paper til ready to serve. Save the remaining chocolate you to gobble tomorrow. For extra flair go Green & Black's white choc and dust with a grind of that posh pepper. Garnish with mint leaves.

Don't stop at Valentines!

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