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5 things to prepare for your Valentine’s dinner at home

Treasa B on 26th Jan, 2016

For those of you lucky enough to have a significant other (I always think that “significant other” should be written in italics and bold font. It gives it more meat on the bones), and romantic enough to want to celebrate St Valentine’s Day with a lovingly home-cooked meal, here are 5 tips to set the mood….

5 things to prepare for your Valentine’s dinner at home
  1. Get in some appropriately romantic food. Food that can be shared, food that can be fed to each other on little delicate spoons, food that requires a lot of finger sucking, food that implies “I have a healthy appetite that’s not limited to the kitchen” fnar, fnar. There’s a delicate balance here - the Lady and the Tramp cliché of sucking on the same spaghetti is a good example of where to stop. Watch our 10 tips to avoid Valentine Dinner Disaster video for help on this very subject.
  2. If there really is going to be a lot of finger sucking going on, be sure to have plenty of napkins, finger bowls, even baby wipes, dammit, on hand. All this hanky panky is well and good, but someone has to clean up. And do you really want oyster sauce on your best Stella McCartney silk shirt.
  3. Get your lighting right. Nothing is more unromantic than lights that draw attention to one’s under-eye shadows and arm cellulite. Turn the down-lighters off and light some candles.
  4. Resist the temptation to play lurv music (that means Barry White, Barry Manilow, John Barry... any Barry really).
  5. Finally, don’t get too hung up about St Valentine’s Day. He was after all, a martyr who was tortured, and his association with lovers is spurious. You can even find the word “naiveté” in valentine. Just sayin’.

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