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6 things you may not have realised you needed for your weekend picnic

Treasa B on 03rd Sep, 2015

As I cycled past our local park this wek I spotted a picnic taking place. Not content with the usual blankets and frisbees, they’d hung bunting up between the trees. I instantly had picnic envy and wanted to join in. Don’t underestimate the power of details and decorations. Just because you’re eating outside, on a rug, and on your lap, doesn’t meant that people won’t notice the finer points.

6 things you may not have realised you needed for your weekend picnic

The best picnics have simple food and the softest grass underfoot. This is the one meal that doesn’t have to be gourmet. You can have the finest feast with a fresh baguette, some brie, crisp green apples and a glass of rosé. Heaven. Our sommelier Nathan's got some rosé recommendations ready for you.

6 things not to forget:

  1. Babywipes (for snotty noses, clean hands, jam spills and more).
  2. Portable wine cooler – for all that rosé.
  3. Picnic blanket. The best come wrapped in their own leather straps.
  4. Dog. To clean up the crumbs.
  5. Crisp napkins, real cutlery and proper wine glasses will make your guests feel all Brideshead Revisited.
  6. A cool-bag for tasty, germ-free sandwiches.
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