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Austria’s best local brews

Nathan N on 20th May, 2015

Though not as popular or widespread compared to German beers, Austria has a long brewing tradition. What better time to sample Austrian beers than alongside a (Conchita) Wűrst this Eurovision…

Austria’s best local brews

If you're not up for the fancy dress this Eurovision, let alone the strűdel, you'll be pleased to hear that there's an easier way to embrace Eurovision. Grab yourself a cold Viennese lager. It’s a popular style recognised around the world. You may have heard of Stiegl - their most popular export.

If you're after more flavour then you can’t beat Schremser Roggen Bio. A complex brew full of banana, spice and bubble gum flavours.

If you're not sure if you're ready to support good old “Royaume Uni”, you can happily sit on the fence with the celebrated Derbyshire based Thornbridge Brewery’s Vienna style lager. You can’t miss it with a name like “Kill Your Darlings”.

These beers go well with your classic Austrian fare of schnitzel or goulash and dumplings. Bready fresh pretzels or a good curry wűrst would be my suggestion.

Stiegl (£1.89/33cl), Schremser (2.19/33cl) and Thornbridge “KYD” (2.79/50cl) are available online from Beers of Europe. Your local beer merchant may well stock one of them too.

Some beer trivia for you:

As well as being probably Austria’s most well-known beer, Stiegl is also one of the oldest. The brewer's anniversary year will always be more famous though for a certain Italian explorer's discovery the “New World”. “Douze points” to those who know the name and famous year I’m taking about…

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