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Come on baby light my samphire

Jen G on 21st Jul, 2014

Brunch. It's pretty much my favourite meal. Best consumed the morning after a fun night before, it gives licence to be more creative than breakfast, less starchy than dinner, and it also gives permission top almost anything with an egg. And bacon. Which in my book means it’s wonderful.

Heading out for brunch is great, but can be expensive and sooooooo busy. We've all stood in a brunch queue yawning on a Sunday morning, why not try it at home? The cooking that is, not the queuing, that would just be silly. 

Come on baby light my samphire

This Samphire-inspired super brunch dish that I prepared for friends last Sunday ticks all boxes. Hearty, so good looking it wouldn't be out of place on any good restaurant table, quick and of course there's bacon. Team with a bloody Mary for hangover cure par excellence.

Samphire used to be as rare as hen's teeth for the home cook, now readily available in all good supermarkets. Usually at the fish counter, mine came from Waitrose. At its peak in July and August but beginning to pop up much more often.

The iron-y taste is a great pair with bacon, and tomatoes, and here with the similar taste of blood rich black pudding. Technically there are two types of samphire, marsh and rock. The one you will find available in shops is marsh and in my opinion the only one worth bothering with. It's a bit like young asparagus in texture but has a wonderful whiff of the sea side about it, and a great salty tang. It can be eaten raw but cooked for just a few seconds is the best way. I can imagine it now with a good Oban whisky..........ah what fun, but I digress, back to brunch!

What's your favourite brunch dish? 

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