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Crowning Glory Coronation Mayonnaise

Jen G on 21st Jul, 2014

I can think of nothing better to go alongside my perfect  Scotch eggs

Crowning Glory Coronation Mayonnaise

Coronation Chicken was originally created by Rosemary Hume and Constance Spry to celebrate Queenies crowning and was designed to eat with one hand while watching the spectacle on TV. Since then it has become a classic, a much abused bastardised classic nonetheless, but this returns it to its former glory and pays proper tribute. Remember, classics become classics for a reason.

When you read the ingredients list you for my Coronation Mayonnaise will notice I specify peppery good quality extra virgin olive oil, and you'll probably raise an eyebrow at that one. Yes, all recipes you normally read specify a neutral tasting light oil for mayo but even though it tastes funky at first, once you have added all the other ingredients into this one you will agree, a neutral oil would just make it creamy and bland, this peppery oil packs a punch and becomes a flavour layer all on its own. Serve this up with all your summer lunches and light suppers. Alongside roast meats for salads, barbecued food, so many ways so show a little Coronation pride.

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