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Tips for the Deluxe Entertainer

Sophie E on 19th Nov, 2015

Nothing brings friends and family together more than delicious food in a cosy home over a glass (or three) of something cold, wet and alcoholic.

If you want to spend time with your favourite people but entertaining brings you out in a cold sweat, this gourmet kit is for you. We’ve put together some marvellously simple entertaining kits to help you stress less and enjoy more of your friends’ company. Better still we’ve got lots of easy entertaining recipe ideas for them too.

Tips for the Deluxe Entertainer

Here's our top tips to get any time-starved host basking in gourmet glory in a matter of minutes:

Cocktail pastilles 

The latest London craze and featured across the UK press from the Times to Marie Claire, these sweets are for the big kids only. The creative geniuses at Smith & Sinclair have packed the flavour of premium cocktails into jewel-like pastilles. Each are handmade with high quality alcohol, fresh fruit and spices. They’re preservative, dairy and gluten free. 

  • An incredibly original palate cleanser or end of dinner treat, these will definitely start a conversation.

Lemon and thyme sea salt

Lemon is every professional chef’s secret 3rd seasoning ingredient, and mineral rich sea salt is much better for you than the table stuff.  James Martin from Saturday Kitchen described the range of salts from Cornish Sea Salt as “The Gucci of British Sea Salt”

  • Rub this smashing salt all over your turkey or fish for instant wow. Throw it liberally on roasted vegetables and potatoes. It tastes divine with leeks and mushrooms too. Sprinkle onto pastas, dips and salads to spruce them up.

Sun-dried tomato mix

A magical mix of sun dried tomatoes, olives, capers and garlic.

  • Use as a bruschetta mix for the quickest of canapes, dollop on fish, stuff your chicken breasts, stir into pasta, serve with egg frittata, or simply serve with soft cheeses like ricotta.

Miniature marinated figs

These little flavour bombs turn a canapé into a canap–hey, and a dull dessert into a prize-winning pudding. The people at the Taste awards liked them so much they gave them a Gold.

  • Serve on a cheese board, wrap in parma ham and grill for figs in blanket canapés, drop onto a goats cheese mousse.
  • Whip them into a frenzy with cream and a bit of their jus. Top with toasted almonds for a fast figgy pudding.

Truffle oil from Italy

The secret ingredient behind a super scrambled eggs and a brilliant Bolognese.

  • The rich “umami” flavour enhances anything from creamy chicken sauces to meat stews and cheeses. Drizzle to bring out the best in a bruschetta, risotto or mushroom soup.
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