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Five Quick(ish) Ways to Create a Great Atmosphere

Treasa B on 16th Jun, 2014

Five Quick(ish) Ways to Create a Great Atmosphere
  1. Use candles instead of overhead lights. Nothing is more unattractive than the appearance of upper arm cellulite caused by down-light halogens.
  2. Paint your dining room pink. Pink reflects the most flattering light. Everyone will look gorgeous and you’ll be delighted you have such beautiful friends.
  3. Keep your flowers stubby or very, very tall. Of course, this is a rule to be broken, but it’s very difficult to talk across a table dominated by an eye-height flower arrangement. Keep the flowers short enough to talk over, or tall enough so that they’re over your head in height (when seated).
  4. Get your trendy teenage neighbour to create you an after-dinner party mix to get everyone dancing. Your guests may outwardly scoff at Rhianna and One Direction, but inwardly be thrilled at being down with the kids.
  5. Put a polaroid camera on the table for instant photo gratification.
  6. Putting in a sixth because point 2 isn’t strictly quick. Instead of using name cards to show people where they’re sitting, put out their photograph instead. The older and more embarrassing the better. Your guests will have something to talk about straight away – particularly if they’re sitting beside someone they haven’t met before.
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