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Food Pairings that sound wrong, but are oh so right – PART 2

Jen G on 21st Jul, 2014

Feeling adventurous in the kitchen? Bored of the same old dishes? Look no further! Here is round 2 of my list of food pairings, designed to fire up your dinner party guests taste buds in seconds! Let me know if you'd like to see round 3.

Food Pairings that sound wrong, but are oh so right – PART 2

1. Chocolate and Bacon

Playing on that known combo of chocolate and salt, (salt makes things taste more complex by irritating your taste-buds and opening them, just like it stings in a cut ). Try making your favourite brownie recipe with some rashers of pre browned smoked streaky bacon in the bottom of the tray before you add the mix, or stirring crispy brown lardons through the batter. I first had this in Kentucky and was wowed. I've since tried bacon milkshakes and bacon fat washed bourbon, all of which are fantastic. Smokey bacon for me is essential as it adds another dimension, but play around with it.

2. Grenadine and Onions

When caramelising onions for say, a bed for that lovely moo-ing steak you've got for dinner, or maybe an onion tarte tatin. Use it to top your barbecue burger; add a splash of grenadine when they are about half way browned for another taste dimension. Now you also have to buy tequila to use the rest in retro sunrises, my permission. You're welcome.

3. Whisky and Pickle Juice

Not a food obviously, but a damn fun accompaniment to those sticky ribs you have on the grill. A drink craze that crossed the pond from New York a few years ago, it started at the Breslin hotel in NYC and it it well worth doing here. We're not talking the juice from those gherkins lurking in the back of the fridge though. I mean good briny home-made stuff, or at least the best you can find. Bar tenders seem to favour Jameson as the whisky accompaniment. Too chicken to try it at home, let a pro choose for you at several places across London but my fave is Pitt Cue and Co off Carnaby Street.

4. Eccles Cake and Lancashire Cheese

My Nana and Fergus Henderson of St John agree, so do not say it is wrong, just do it and you will never look back.

5. Fried Chicken and Waffles

Breakfast and dinner all in one, what's not to like? Popular all over the Southern states and creeping over the pond with interpretations such as duck confit and waffles. Go home-style and have good maple syrup and butter on your waffles and salty, spicy, crispy chicken on the side. Not a heath food, but hey, everything in moderation right?

There are so many, I could keep going for pages. Let us know what your personal and family favourites are, and don't forget the pictures! And let us know if you’d like to see more!

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