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For the love of Pimm’s

Jen G on 08th May, 2015

Summer's here and the time is right...........for Pimm's in the garden!

I love Pimm's. I am a bit geeky about it, and restrict myself to only drinking it from May 'til August. That way I feel it is special. A treat. Like Easter eggs, or advent calendar chocolate. I anticipate it.

For the love of Pimm’s

Pimm's has its history in oyster bars. A young man from Kent opened a bar near the bank of England in the 1840's and offered a mixed drink called the tonic, in a small dedicated glass known as a number 1 cup. It was from this gin based drink that the Pimms we know and love was developed. There has been a number 2 cup (whisky based) which I would love to try as a whisky fan, but it's currently not made. The number 3 cup was based on brandy, and after a wee re-jig is what we now know as Pimm's winter cup. Cup 4 (rum) and cup 5 (rye whisky) are also no longer made but cup 6 (vodka) based is still made in teeny tiny quantities and is rarer than hens teeth, though I have found it in Fortnum and Mason once before, though that was years ago. But its OK, I’m happy with my number 1 cup, and most other people seem to be too.

Now, I was gifted a bottle of Pimm's winter cup a while ago. I tried it and it was nice enough. I like it. I had it hot like a mulled cider and cold with lemonade, but as much as I wanted to fall in love I just couldn't. It just didn't feel right. Like I was cheating on my summer friend with a spicy autumn fling. So away the bottle went into the cupboard, label turned away to the back, hiding its face should my Summer love see it.

Well along comes a lovely warm spring and my thoughts turn to good housekeeping practices and during my annual kitchen cupboard purge and scrub I find the winter Pimm's and I think "mmmm,, I should use this". So I decide to make some petit fours. I have some friends coming round at the weekend and this would be a fun little nibble. I made the simplest of jellies and set it overnight, recipe and method can be found here. They were nice! And a cute talking point. Now that the sun is fully shining upon us I have made them again using Pimms original no1 cup, my summer love and I have to say yet again, summer trumps winter. Fruitier, lighter, and a more fetching colour I could eat these pastilles any time of day or night. Yum!

These would make a great little talking point and a cheeky accompaniment to any barbecue or garden meal this summer. Serve them up with big iced jugs of Pimm's itself. Have fun, like the sugar from your fingers. Giggle. Just don't share them with the kids.

Oh and as a bonus, here is my recipe for strawberries and Pimms on the barbecue! A wonderfully fun dessert that is so simple anyone can do it. No baking required!

Bottoms up!

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