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How much to spend on a good a bottle of wine?

Nathan N on 16th Jul, 2014

Well that’s a bit of a how long is a piece of string type of question but as I am quite an accommodating lad, here’s what I see as the major factors to consider when undertaking such a subjective question.

How much to spend on a good a bottle of wine?


How much can/will you spend? That differs from person to person. A good bottle for some costs £5 while others £500.


what are you buying it for? Tuesday night dinner with your other half and a gift for a dear friend aren’t likely to be the same bottle.


Where are you buying it? An off-licence, a supermarket or an independent wine merchant throws up important variables.

Personal taste

What are the standards of the people drinking it? Your Nan and your boss at the bank are likely to have very differing ideas on what is a “good” wine.

Now what is the most deciding of all these factors? Most would say budget I would imagine, but I believe it’s actually location. Where you buy the wine will often dictate the price, the range and the quality to a great extent.

What’s that you say? Stop dodging the question? Right ok, here’s goes… with this caveat.

I feel that I represent most of the keen wine drinking public in the UK, with most of us not having small fortunes to spend on wine, and with that in mind I shall answer the original question thusly:

Look to spend somewhere between eight and ten pounds. It’s at that price band where quality wines start to show their class and character compared to cheaper wines. 

Now I’ve recently tried some nice to quite nice stuff for £5-6 but there are plenty of poor/average wines at that range too. What about wines for four quid or less even, I hear you shout? Well those bottles are going the way of the dodo as Chancellor after Chancellor puts up alcohol duty in order to fill their coffers. Just last year George Osbourne put up duty on wine by a whopping 10p per bottle. Makes you wish you were living in France or Spain (or not) where good wines for four to five Euros are common.

So there you go, that’s how long a piece of string is.

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