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Katsu made can do

Jen G on 12th Oct, 2014

Katsu Curry is one of my all time favourite dishes. Be it pork or chicken it is always a winner.

The crispy crumbed cutlet draped in coconut creamy curry sauce works on every level. It's a poshed up version of two of the things we secretly love, but don't tell our friends.

Escalope of pretty much anything and chip shop curry sauce........mmmmmmmmmm........naughty.

Wagamama seems to have increased the popularity of this dish amongst my friends. I’ve also started to see supermarket versions of it in chiller cabinets.

The Waga's one is pretty damn fine but the supermarket ones, as with all pre made breaded things except fish fingers, falls flat. It never comes out crispy enough and by the time you have reheated it, the meat is dry and over cooked.

But did you know how easy it is to make at home? And boy does it look fine too.  

Katsu made can do

Dig out your best serving jug for the sauce and impress your friends. Not many are brave enough to fry for a party. Show 'em who's boss and go for it. It will all get lapped up in minutes.

I've also made this with big slices of aubergine for veggies. Hunking slices of sweet potato would work too. Try it however you fancy. A crisp green salad on the table wouldn't be out of place either.

Also, this scales up really easily for larger numbers, the sauce generously serves 4, but can be made in batches. For the meat just fry in batches and keep warm in the oven on a low heat. Boom!

Make Katsu your can do.



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