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Tips for the Kettle Huggers

Sophie E on 16th Nov, 2015

Alice Walker once said that “Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors” and we heartily agree.  So we’ve created this kit with everything you need to get any tea party fired up. Put your feet up and enjoy.

Tips for the Kettle Huggers

Flowering tea 

The Flora tea aficionados are Dragons Den winners and have gone on to win an accolade of awards including multiple Golds at the Taste awards. 

  • Each unique oriental flower unfurls in hot water to create a delicately flavoured oriental tea – from Jasmine to Amaranth and Lily. They not only look stunning but are good for you.
  • Great for an afternoon pause with friends or a unique and calming end to a dinner party. Either way they are a beautiful conversation starter.

Maple and pecan cookies  

Every tea needs a good biscuit, and these beautifully crunchy beauties marry marvellously.But there's more...

  • Bash them into smitherines, and mix with butter to make the base of a maple pecan cheesecake. Top a standard cheesecake filling with candied pecans to finish.
  • Crumble these with whipped cream, maple syrup and for an impromptu trifle or use as a topping to add texture to creamy desserts.

Passion fruit curd 

  • A luxurious curd from the lovely people at The Bay Tree - another Taste Gold medal winner.
  • Makes a very easy Passion Fruit Meringue pie: Use a shortcrust pastry base, dollop on the passion fruit curd, pipe or swirl (with a spoon dipped in hot water) on your fresh meringue mix. Place under a super-hot grill for 2-3 minutes - take out before it burns! You can even buy the tart base – we won’t tell…
  • For immediate stress relief, muddle vodka, lime juice and passion fruit curd together for a cheat's Pornstar martini. For another crafty cocktail, throw it together with rye whisky, orange bitters and sugar syrup.
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