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Tips for entertaining the Man’s Man

Sophie E on 16th Nov, 2015

For the hungry man: here are some marvellously simple entertaining kits to go gourmet in minutes.

Better still we’ve got lots of ideas for how to use them. 

Tips for entertaining the Man’s Man

Smoked Sea Salt

James Martin form Saturday Kitchen described this Cornish Sea Salt as “The Gucci of British Sea Salt”. Not only that, but it’s packed with minerals and lower in sodium than the regular stuff.

  • Rub this ona sizzling steak or chicken for instant oaky smoky flavour. While you're at it throw it on the chips too.
  • Throw on fried onions for an authentic burger or hot dog.
  • Sprinkle on your eggs for a brilliant brunch.

Somerset Ale chutney

No cheese or cold meat is complete without chutney.

  • A cheese board contender - we can’t think of anything better.
  • Liven up cold meast.
  • Serve with Scotch egg or Welsh Rarebit.
  • Sandwiches love chutney... they love ale chutney more.

Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers

Perfectly formed and very moreish, these fabulous crackers from the Fine Cheese Co. will go with any cheese… and chutney for that matter.

Little Dabbas Curry pots

Inspired by the “Dabba” spice tin you’ll find in every Indian kitchen, these little pots of gold are filled with magical masala pastes made through generations of the Mistry family, with no artificial ingredients.

  • Revitalise your meat leftovers in minutes with these spicy pots of joy.
  • Also rub the paste on chicken thighs or white fish and grill with some cherry tomatoes. The juices will make a sticky glaze to serve for a super-quick spicy dinner.
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