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Market haul roast chicken panzanella

Jen G on 14th Aug, 2014

Market haul roast chicken panzanella

As mentioned in my farmers market post, I made several different dishes with my haul.

What I like most about shopping on a whim like that, is that you are forced to invent things out of the goodies you bought because they caught your eye.

I was so, so, so happy with this. You know when you whip something up out of nothing and it turns out to be one of the best things you have ever made? Well, that is how good this was. Seriously one of the tastiest things out of my kitchen this year.

This salad of my own invention has its roots firmly in an Italian Panzanella, which uses up stale bread and turns it into an amazing flavour mop.

In this version I used this wonderful new unusual ingredient I found called a cucamelon, but you could substitute that with a plain old cucumber. Adding in the juice of a lime if you have one would mimic the extra tart zing that cucamelons have.

What I wound up with is a super tasty elegant salad that would make a perfect starter for 6 or main course for 4.

It would also be marvellous on your next barbecue table or stashed in your picnic hamper.

Another Brucie bonus is that it tastes even better the day after you make it, so rustle up a big bowl, serve some to your guests and take the rest to work for lunch the next day and make all your colleagues pea green with envy.

I ate mine with a large dollop of mayo, which is unnecessary but tastes good, so why the heck not. Hellmans works just fine. Feel free to make yours even more impressive by making your own though. Put me to shame.

Here is the recipe

tomatoes  / chicken  / buffet  / bread
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