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Ode to wild garlic

Jen G on 01st May, 2018

Ah wild garlic. You sweet and delicate yet pungent thing. You arrive once a year for a few precious weeks, then just leave us, smelling faintly of garlic and wanting more.

Wild garlic is where I began my Saturday. I have a bunch of friends known as 'the allergy gang' for all the things they cannot eat. Saffron, beef, cow dairy, nuts, legumes of any kind. Oh and soya products.

Normally I'd consign these people to ex friend status. But they're so fab I can't bring myself. They truly are loveable weirdos. And I had them all coming for supper on Saturday evening. So off to the market I went. here’s what I ended up with…

Ode to wild garlic

First thing that of course captures my eye is the wild garlic. I seize a bunch and start to work from there. Some sexy looking heritage tomatoes, a bunch of fat radishes, a few bright green jalapeño chillies, a perfectly formed squash, some corn, goat's feta, and some beautiful Welsh lamb fillets. Dinner is in motion. A kind of burrito bowl. With the wild garlic sauce I have the idea forming in my head for, at the centre.

So go forth and buy wild garlic while you can. Buy some limes, jalapenos, coriander and the best olive oil you can find. Splash out.  Wild garlic is but once a year. Pretend it's a special anniversary and the wild garlic deserves a bunch of flowers. I used Brindisa Arbequina 
extra virgin. Now grab your Nutribullet / food processor do da machine and hold on tight. You’re going to be tasting your very own perfect wild garlic jalapeño dressing in minutes. Click here for the recipe.

My advice: while wild garlic's here, eat as much as you can. For it is good for heart, body and soul. Make a mark in your diary to anticipate wild garlic season next year and repeat all over again. The best things are infrequent and fleeting.


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