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Small get-togethers & ideas to make them more intimate

Treasa B on 29th Jul, 2014

The most important element of a small get-together is that you are an integral part of the set up. Not only are you host, but you have to be a great guest too. If there are only 4 of you, you don’t want to be jumping up and down to organise food and drinks, so my big tip is to prepare everything beforehand. That means you are sitting down and joining all evening.

Small get-togethers & ideas to make them more intimate
  • Plan your menu so that you’re not cooking during the evening. Click here for recipes you can make in advance.
  • Allow your guests to help when they offer – that way you can plate up and get the latest gossip at the same time.
  • Lighting! Switch off the main lights and cluster candles on your table so your guests lean in.
  • Have a long playlist ready so you’re not running off to change the music.
  • Clean your bathroom.
  • Have the dishwasher empty and ready to go for when your guests leave.
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