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Tasty cauliflower “rice”

Jen G on 22nd Feb, 2019

There is this very popular eating regime at the moment called paleo. Look into it if you want the facts, I just know the basics. It excludes processed foods, gluten and generally recommends reducing starchy foods like rice, which is how this recipe came about.

Tasty cauliflower “rice”

I had run out of rice. I had a cauliflower. I couldn't be bothered to go out again to buy rice. I thought I had come up with this genius and extremely tasty carb alternative all on my own. Which turns out to be laughably inaccurate. After making and munching this I sat down to write the recipe, and found out that on the paleo diet cauliflower 'rice' is a thing. Very much so. I didn't look at other recipes too much. I just know that there are literally hundreds of variation.

My Cauliflower rice, however, couldn’t be easier. Ridiculously so, and very, very, very tasty. It turns what can be bland cauli into a sweet, unctuous concoction. The happy partner to anything you would normally have rice, couscous or mashed spuds on the side of. Also, I normally just turn cauliflowers into cheese based fat fests, so this is way better for me. And subsequently you. Your thighs/tummy/bum will thank me later. Honest.

I added peas to mine and some chilli, 'cos there is rarely a time I cannot find an opportunity to add peas or chilli to anything. It would taste just dandy without either, so I have listed them as optional. Go with what you fancy. You could make it more indulgent with butter if you wanted, or bacon lardons. Or zip it up notch with lemon and fresh herbs, like parsley. Play with it. I'm setting it free. Run cauli run! Which you still can after eating this too. None of that full of carbs sluggish feel. A winner all round.

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