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The fastest five minute cook’s treat dish

Jen G on 13th Jan, 2016

I have friends coming for supper tomorrow, one of them is bringing a new partner, one is my boss' spouse; you know the scenario, this is one dinner I need to be organised for. So embracing the very best of The Dinnerset spirit, I set about doing some of the preparation tonight as soon as I got in from work. However, there's one rule I always try and follow, just like grocery shopping when hungry leads to a light wallet and a heavy basket. Cooking when hungry - something that you aren't gonna get to eat is just foolhardy. It'll lead to rushed preparations, grumpiness and shouting at the dog.  

The fastest five minute cook’s treat dish

So before getting down to some serious pre prep I needed some quick sustenance. Nothing fits the bill better than the fastest plate I know. Five minutes from pan to fork, no word of a lie.

My ultimate avocado on toast with chilli, feta and a runny egg.

So next time you need healthy quick fuel for your next supper prep fest, look no further. Recipe and redemption is right here.

vegetarian  / feta  / egg  / avocado
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