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Three dinner dishes with one easy Thai Green curry paste

Jen G on 21st Jul, 2014

Using one core piece of prep or ingredient in more than one way is the ultimate in time saving and convenience. Curry paste is one of my favourite ways to do this.

Three dinner dishes with one easy Thai Green curry paste

The beauty of curry pastes is that you can whip up a batch, pop them in a container or jar with a layer of a neutral cooking oil on top, to seal out the air, and that beauty will keep for a couple of weeks in your fridge.

This Thai curry paste is fast, simple and so, so, so tasty, way better than any you could ever buy in a jar.

Now, obviously you can make a curry with it, just add chicken, prawns or vegetables and coconut milk and a super tasty, simple supper is yours, but now what to do with the rest of that lovely batch you made?

Here are three ideas to switch it up and bring that Thai flavour to the table at some more unexpected times:

Thai roast chicken

Thai parsnip soup

Thai avocado dip

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