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Foodie’s Fix - £10

3 specially selected cheffy ingredients with exciting recipes to surprise and delight your foodie friend.

Foodie’s Fix - £10

3 specially selected cheffy ingredients you won’t find on the high street.

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This gourmet gift bag contains:

1. Brilliant Black Garlic

  • The top chef’s new secret ingredient. It’s been hiding in those delicious dishes you’ve been eating in gastropubs and fancy restaurants.
  • Caramelised, sweet and marvellously mellow - both sweet and savoury. the garlic has been heated gently to turn the humblest of ingredients into something extraordinary.,
  • Crush the black garlic cloves to rub it on meats and fish before roasting. Sensational with salmon.
  • Make magical summer marinades or smashing salad dressings and stews by adding some crushed black garlic.

2. Marvellous Marinated Figs from the Bay Tree

  • Mini figs marinated in a rum and white wine syrup, these award-winning flavour bombs taste magical.
  • Wrap them up in parma ham and grill them for “fig in blankets”
  • Whip up some goats cheese with honey, thyme and black pepper for a quick canape topping and finish off with a fig.
  • Cheer up a cheeseboard - these figs love creamy cheese.
  • For a quick dessert whip chopped figs into some mascarpone with a spoonful of syrup and top with toasted almonds

3. Gourmet popcorn

  • From the popcorn fanatics at Zaramama – each kernel has its own unique colour, taste and texture: buttery, dry, sweet, crunchy or chewy.
  • Gluten free and low fat, they contain no additives, colourants or flavourings.
  • Once popped, toss in a little melted butter and serve as a nibble before dinner. They go fabulously with fizz.
  • Throw a cup of freshly made popcorn into a panna cotta base before setting to surprise guests with popcorn flavoured panna cotta.

PLUS irresistible recipes and tips from The Dinner Set that you can enjoy all year long.