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Hot Stuff - £20

4 extraordinary ingredients ffrom 4 global cuisines for the ultimate chilli lover to make easy tasty recipes.

Hot Stuff - £20

An uber-original food gift for Christmas with 4 extraordinary ingredients for the chilli lover to make easy tasty recipes.

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This gourmet gift bag contains:

1. Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberry

  • Picked from remote Tasmanian mountains on the other side of the world, it is an incredibly rare ingredient.
  • 10 times the heat of normal pepper, it yields such a range of flavours, you would think it was a spice blend.
  • Add some magic to your next steak.
  • Add as a finishing touch on everything from tomatoes to watermelon and strawberries.

2. Esplosivo Italian Chilli sauce

  • Made in Italy with chillies, aubergine, peppers and sun-dried tomatoes, this packs a punch.
  • Make halloumi chips, quick kebabs, spicy tricolore salad or simply drizzle on pizza and pasta.

3. Sensational Sriracha Sauce

  • From award winning craft sauce makers Sauce Shop.
  • Hot on trend - this fermented chilli and garlic sauce is sensational.
  • For ultimate chilli con carne, spicy rib marinade, Sriracha Mary or our favourite, eggs, feta & avocado.

4. Wasabi Mustard

  • Just launched by the wonderful Wasabi Company, made with freshly grown Wasabi from Dorset, this'll wow your friends.
  • Mix with mayo and serve with poached sallmon or mini roast beef yorkshires.
  • Or simply serve on your favourites sandwich.

PLUS irresistible recipes and tips from The Dinner Set that you can enjoy all year long.