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Japanese Dinner Club Box - £29.99

6 extraordinary Japanese ingredients you won't find on the high street to create magical moments at home.

Japanese Dinner Club Box - £29.99

Have you been to Japan? If it's going to be a few years 'til you get there for real, this box will keep you going in the mean time. It's packed with exciting new flavours and easy make-ahead recipes that will really surprise your friends

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1. Furikake

Noritamago furikake is one of Japan's hard-to-find exports. This colourful seasoning is a blend of umami-rich seaweed 'nori', brighly coloured egg 'tamago', sesame and bonito fish*. We're sprinkling it on Tenderstem Broccoli with Seasame Sauce, on scrambled eggs and popcorn for intense, umami sea-salt flavours.
*Veg alternative available

2. Sweet White Miso 

This lightly fermented rice and soy bean paste adds a sensational savoury yet sweet and creamy taste to Japanese dishes. We're making Miso Salmon Soba Noodles, Miso Savoy Cabbage and a Kimchee Miso dressing for jazzing up some white crab.

3. Seaweed Thins

These wafer thin snacks make an uber-original nibble. Seasoned with salt and sesame oil, they have a delicate umame flavour that even my daughter loves. We're also slicing them as a garnish on noodles and stir fries.

4. Matcha Green Tea Powder 

If you haven't tried this trendy green tea (it almost looks too heathly to taste good), think again!  We're making Macadamia Matcha Blondies (brownies with white chocolate) and more.

5. Wasabi mustard

Launched last month by the wonderful Wasabi Company using freshly grown Wasabi from Dorset, this'll wow your friends! We're topping Mini Roast Beef Yorkshires and introducing you to the latest Japanese craze with Chicken Katsu and Open Salmon Sambos.

6. Flowering tea

For an awe-inspiring, sensual end to supper,serve your friends this Award-Winning Flowering Tea from Flora Tea.

This brilliant box is available for delivery now. Click here to order from our online shop.