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Cheat’s smoked salmon pate

By Treasa B on 14th Jul, 2014

Cheat’s smoked salmon pate


This couldn’t be easier, but you do need a hand-held blender!

  1. Chuck smoked salmon and cream cheese into a large bowl and mix up loosely with a fork.
  2. Add some lemon juice and whizz up with the blender.
  3. Add more lemon juice, about a half teaspoon of dill, and season with black pepper and whizz up until a smooth paste.
  4. 4. smooth into a pretty bowl and serve with thin crackers or oatcakes.

Recipe Notes

  • I always have a packet of smoked salmon in the freezer in case of last minute guests. Smoked salmon is very versatile -  not only makes pate as described above, but you can mix it into scrambled eggs, pop on top of bagels and slice into pasta. 
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