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Chinese style chicken and sweetcorn soup

By Jen G on 8th Feb, 2016

Chinese style chicken and sweetcorn soup


  1. Bring your big pot of stock up to the boil. Add in the chicken breasts and set the stock ticking at a nice simmer. Place a lid on the pot. Go sit down have a cup of tea for 12-15 minutes.
  2. Remove the chicken breasts from the stock and place on a plate to cool. Open both cans of the corn and add to the soup. Stir, bring back up to a gentle blipping simmer. Put the lid back on and go sit down and have another cup of tea until the chicken is cool enough to handle. Read a book, pop the washing on. Whatever.
  3. Now tear up all the chicken with your hands discarding skin and bone. You want nice pieces - not too big. Drop them into the stock with the corn. Once it is simmering again add in the mirin and some salt and pepper. Taste as you go. It should taste chicken-y broth good and like it is going to make you healthier just by inhaling the steam. Cures all known colds, I swear by it.
  4. Put the cornflour in a bowl and add a little cold water and whisk it together. Not much water, it doesn't take much, you just need it flowing. This process is called slaking. That's your geek fact for the day.
  5. Now while whisking the soup (with an actual whisk - that's important, put the wooden spoon down), drizzle in the cornflour. It will thicken almost instantly. You may need to do this again with more cornflour. You want it thick and unctuous, like the stuff from the Chinese takeaway.
  6. Once you are happy with the thickness, crack the two eggs into a bowl. I use the same one as I used for cornflour and give them a real good beat with a fork until they are completely blended.
  7. Turn the heat off on the soup and let it sit for 2-3 minutes.
  8. Slowly dribble the egg into the hot soup while whisking it. This will form those lovely silky little strands you can't quite identify in the takeaway variety. That's what they are! Egg.
  9. Ladle into nice big bowls and garnish with thinly sliced spring onions. I would suggest perhaps a cheeky dried chilli flake or two sprinkled on the top for extra health and happiness.

Recipe Notes

Make ahead and reheat, but don't re-boil for more than a minute or two as cornflour loses its thickening effect and your soup will be thin again.

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