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Coronation mayonnaise

By Jen G on 5th Jul, 2014

Coronation mayonnaise


  1. Boil the kettle and pour just enough boiling water to cover them over the sultanas. This will plump them up and turn then from dried out chewy things to juicy pillows of joy in five minutes. Make a cuppa while that water is hot.
  2. Place the egg yolk in a separate bowl with the mustard and mix together with a whisk,  you can use an electric mixer if you have one, but for one egg yolk its just as quick by hand, and less washing up
  3. Start very slowly to add the olive oil drop by drop, putting the bowl on a doubled over tea towel so it won't move, or getting a friend to pour the oil makes it easier.
  4. Once the emulsion starts to get thicker you can pour the oil faster. Once all the oil has been added, wipe your brow and smile at the fact you just made mayonnaise.
  5. Now taste and grimace at the pungent olive oil taste, its important you know how it tastes though, season with a little salt and pepper, add in the orange juice and whisk together. Taste again, much less manky but still packs a punch.
  6. Add in the mango chutney, sultanas and curry powder and stir together with a spoon, check the consistency, if its too thick for your tastes add a splash of water and stir, more oil will make it thicker, not thinner. Taste again and adjust whichever flavour you want more of. It should taste golden and spicy. The curry powder flavour will develop over time so this is even better a few hours later, or the next day.
  7. Serve alongside whatever delight you have chosen scattered with the toasted almonds.

Recipe Notes

You could mix any leftover roast meat such as chicken through this for a great sandwich filling. You could cheat and use jarred mayonnaise if you must, just don't tell me.

spicy  / egg  / curry  / buffet  / allergy
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