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Cracking Coffee Rub

By Jen G on 20th Sep, 2019

Cracking Coffee Rub


  1. Mix together the ingredients and keep sealed away from direct sunlight.
  2. Rub on Venison, Steak, Pork or Lamb ssteaks and set aside in the fridge for as long as you've got (10 mins - 8 hours) for the flavours to mingle.
  3. Brush with oil and Pan Fry, Grill or BBQ to deepen the flavour and create a crunchy, salty crust.
  4. For chunkier meats finish off in oven for a more even cook.

Recipe Notes

  • Rubs are super-trendy now but they've been used to deepen the flavour of slow cooked and BBQ meats for centuries. They create a crunchy, salty crust that you’ve probably already tasted in a fancy restaurant in town. 
  • Coffee (combined with paprika, cumin and more) adds a whole new dimension – where delicate herbs burn, coffee roasts to develop a complex deep flavour which makes beef, pork and chicken shine.
  • Magical too on a slow-cooked Lamb shoulder or Beef brisket.
  • The real foodies among you will love this with rich creamy cheeses like Camembert.
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