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Creamy Chicken Livers

By Jen G on 29th Nov, 2018

Creamy Chicken Livers


  1. Open the livers into a colander in the sink. Rinse under cold water.
  2. Using a pair of scissors trim off all ugly bits, grizzle and small bits of liver so you just have nice individual big peices of liver.
  3. Put all the scrappy offcuts in a heatproof bowl .Cover and microwave on full power for 1 minutes.  Allow to cool and feed to your dog or cat as a special nutritious treat.
  4. Drain all the big liver chunks really well on kitchen roll and pat as dry as you can.
  5. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan to medium. 6 out of 10 heat if 10 is max. 
  6. Mix the flour, mustard, paprika, salt and pepper together in a bowl.
  7. Coat the livers super well in the flour mix.
  8. Fry a few livers at a time one side at a time, approx 2 mins each side till brown, crunchy and still a bit pink in the middle. They spit. They spatter. Cover the area around your stove with a tea towel or move everything. Especially the cat. Stand back as you fry. Duck, dive and swear when the little blighters get you. Place each set on a plate whilst you do the next batch.
  9. Once all cooked and set aside, add booze of your choice to pan and sizzle till the alcohol smell dissipates.
  10. Now add the spinach to the pan and wilt a bit, add the creme fraiche and water. Stir to make a creamy sexy sauce whilst simultaneously toasting your bread.
  11. In a matter of minutes your sauce will be happy and good to go. Now tip the livers back in the sauce and mix for just enough time to bring it all together
  12. Season to taste and serve hot on the toast. Serve with green salad or parsley.

Recipe Notes

  • Serve this for an impressive quick dinner or weekend winner.
  • Serves 2 humans and 1 dog or cat.
  • If you're feeling a bit healthy, serve alongside a green salad.
  • Goes great with Chianti and a Hannibal Lector impression.  Or a glass of Guinness.
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