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Oriental beef cubes with mushrooms & peppercorns

By Sophie E on 17th Jul, 2014

Oriental beef cubes with mushrooms & peppercorns


  1. Mix the oyster sauce, sesame oil and sugar in a mixing bowl with a splash of water.
  2. Throw in the beef cubes and coat them in the marinade. Leave for half an hour.
  3. In the meantime you can start to cook your rice and prepare your veg.
  4. Heat a wok or large frying pan to the highest heat possible.
  5. Scoop the cubes out of the bowl, leaving as much of the sauce in the bowl as possible.
  6. When your wok is super-hot, place the beef in the pan. It should sizzle and may even catch on fire.
  7. Toss the beef gently for 2 minutes so all sides are seared.
  8. Throw in the garlic, chopped onion, sliced mushrooms, green peppercorns and butter and continue to cook for a further 3 minutes maximum.
  9. Now throw in the rest of the sauce from the marinade bowl and stir for a further 1-2 minutes.
  10. Serve immediately on warm plates with rice and oriental veg.

Recipe Notes

  • Try this beef with a Californian red Zinfandel, Cotes du Rhone Villages or black IPA.
  • This recipe will serve the meat rare to medium rare.  Cook for longer if you prefer it more well done.
  • This is very hands on for a few minutes and needs to be cooked in one batch so it is better with small numbers of guests.
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