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Prosciutto-wrapped chicken filled with garlic & chive cream cheese

By Nikki K on 29th Jul, 2015

Prosciutto-wrapped chicken filled with garlic & chive cream cheese


  1. Switch the oven on to 180⁰ fan (200⁰C conventional).
  2. Trim chicken breasts, removing excess fat.
  3. Insert a very sharp pointed knife into the thickest end of the chicken breast – as far as you can without the knife coming out of the other end of the chicken breast. Waggle the knife tip from side to side inside the chicken breast to create an internal ‘pocket’ for the cream cheese.
  4. Using a small teaspoon fill each chicken breast with up to 50g of garlic and chive cream cheese. Keep pushing it down into the ‘pocket’ in the chicken breast with your fingers until you really can’t fit any more in!
  5. Wrap each filled chicken breast with a quarter of your prosciutto slices. Start by covering the end where you have inserted the cream cheese with a slice of prosciutto, then cover the other end (folding the narrower end of the chicken breast over to make it a more even parcel shape). Finally lay a couple of slices of prosciutto over the top, before tucking the ends underneath each side.
  6. Grease a roasting tin or dish with cooking oil spray, before putting the prosciutto-wrapped chicken parcels in the dish.
  7. Place dish in the pre-heated oven for 25 minutes.
  8. Always check the chicken is fully cooked before serving (either using a cooking thermometer to check that the internal temperature reaches 75⁰C, or by cutting it open to check visually).
  9. Serve immediately with vegetables of your choice – I usually go for mashed potato and courgette.

Recipe Notes

  • For a lunch or dinner party you can prepare the chicken breasts in advance (up to end of Step 5). Just refrigerate until ready to cook, and add 5 minutes to the cooking time to make sure the chicken is really cooked through.
  • When you want to go all out to impress you could try the more complicated prosciutto-wrapped chicken stuffed with chestnuts, figs and pancetta.
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