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Trout Gravlax

By Nathan N on 7th Sep, 2014

Trout Gravlax


  1. Make sure the trout has all bones removed, removing any bones you find.
  2. In a large bowl, mix together the salt AND sugars.
  3. Grind the dill seeds, coriander seeds and cracked black pepper to a powder in a pestle and mortar. Sprinkle the seed powder over the salt mixture, then stir in the lime zest, gin and chopped fresh dill until well combined.
  4. Take a large piece of aluminium foil, large enough to wrap around both fillets of fish, and place one fillet of trout, skin-side down, on top of it.
  5. Cover the trout fillet with all of the salt mixture, and then place the remaining fillet, skin-side up, on top of it. Wrap the fillets tightly in the foil, and then pierce a few holes in it using a cocktail stick (this allows excess liquid to drain from the fish).
  6. Place the fish onto a baking tray and place another baking tray on top. Weigh the top baking tray down with a couple of house bricks or weights from a set of kitchen scales. Chill in the fridge for 2-3 days, turning the packet of fish every 6-8 hours, where possible.
  7. To serve, unwrap the trout, scraping off any excess salt mixture. Slice the fillets very thinly on the diagonal using a sharp knife, and serve with a wedge of lemon, rye bread and a simple green salad.

Recipe Notes

Feel free to add grated some horseradish or beetroot to your mix!

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