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With 16 years professional experience in kitchens across London and the North West, my knowledge and experience is wide and diverse. From places such as private hospitals and members clubs, to St John and most recently Jamie Oliver, my passion and enthusiasm has always driven me. Professionally, being a chef has given great experience but most of all I am a geek and lover of all things eccentric and edible.

Originally from Cumbria but exiled in London, I spend far too much time taking pictures of everything I eat, planning my next meal, and secretly lamenting the fact I never got the chance to become the third fat lady.

Irena P

Accidental Photographer

Nathan N

Presenter, blogger, filmmaker, beer geek, ex- sommelier, lover of good food and great booze

Treasa B

Party aficionado; lover of food, fashion and fitness.

Nikki K

Chef-in-training, world-traveller, gourmand, ex-Londoner now living by the sea in Tasmania

Sophie E

Londoner, marketer, entertainer, Paleo follower, mum of 2, founder of