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Treasa likes to style herself as a creative planner, but her friends probably call her a control freak. She likes nothing better than to organise parties – and has done this in a professional capacity since 2004. She has lived and worked in Dublin, Sydney, London and Zurich (and knows the word for “party” in a variety of different languages, partei, partie, parti, páirtí, partij…).

Irena P

Accidental Photographer

Nathan N

Presenter, blogger, filmmaker, beer geek, ex- sommelier, lover of good food and great booze

Nikki K

Chef-in-training, world-traveller, gourmand, ex-Londoner now living by the sea in Tasmania

Jen G

Chef, teacher, geek.

Sophie E

Londoner, marketer, entertainer, Paleo follower, mum of 2, founder of